Furniture Superstore is built on a foundation of integrity. Our culture, brand and business strategies are developed in guidance by our core values Around here core values aren't just words found in a corporate handbook; they act as guidelines for us to conduct our business and personal lives in a way that would make our Parents and Grand Parents proud and have our Children aspire to.

We are Honest Hardworking People serving Honest Hardworking People. These are the twelve core values that we live by:

  1. Always do the right thing.
  2. Treat everyone with respect.
  3. Have integrity in everything you do.
  4. Be Humble.
  5. Have Fun. Laugh lots.
  6. Be Passionate. Be Innovative. Take Initiative.
  7. Work Hard - There are No Shortcuts to Success
  8. Give Back to those less fortunate
  9. Keep your promises. Stay true to your word.
  10. Own your mistakes and do your best to make them right.
  11. Think Positive. Be Positive.
  12. Be Thankful. Be Grateful. Be Sincere.


We've always believed that businesses can - and should - have a positive impact on the communities they serve.

At Furniture Superstore, we believe in the importance of giving back to those less fortunate. It's part of our culture and is one of the twelve core values that we live by.

We're so proud to be Edmontonians! We feel privileged to call this beautiful city our home and the place where our kids go to school. As good neighbours we get involved with local efforts to bring people together and create positive change whenever we can. Giving back to our community that supports us, isn't just the right thing to do...It helps fuel the continued growth and long-term success of our city, province and country.


Customer service is our way of life. Our goal is to exceed our customers expectations by providing memorable customer service, and the latest trends in home fashion.

We're customers just like you and we know how frustrating it can be to get service from a "Customer Service Department". Especially after the sale. Many companies make you jump through hoops and take you through a long process in hopes you'll just give up. Well we don't want any part of that! We believe wholeheartedly that you deserve the ultimate furniture shopping experience from the moment you set foot in our showroom to long after you have taken delivery. We are dedicated to exceed your expectations every step of the way!

That's why we don't have a "Customer Service Department". If at any time, you are not completely satisfied with your experience or product, just call, text or email any one of our Super Agents and we promise to address your concerns immediately and do our very best to make it right!

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